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    Please note: All Special Diet Meals are Renal, Gluten Free, Lactose-Free, and Low Sodium.

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       Central Lambton

Serving Petrolia, Oil City, Oil Springs, Inwood, Alvinston, Watford, Shetland, Florence

Delivery on every 2nd Monday (Tuesday when Monday is a holiday)

       South Lambton

Serving Brigden, Corunna, Froomfield, Mooretown, Courtright, Sombra, Becher, Port Lambton, Walpole Island

Delivery on every 2nd Thursday

       North Lambton

Serving Wyoming, Camlachie, Blue Point, Hillcrest Heights, Forest, Arkona, Warwick, Kettle Point, Ipperwash, Port Franks, Grand Bend

Delivery on every 2nd Friday

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Once your Meals on Wheels request has been sent a Community Support Services Coordinator will contact you within 2 business days to confirm if we can accommodate your service request.